EcoBlitz Funders & Supporters

EcoBlitz Funders

We thank NAAEE for their funding support through a start-up grant, and infrastructure support through the NAAEE CEE Change Fellowship. We thank the National Geographic Society for funding support through grants and National Geographic Explorer participation.


2019 and 2023-2024 school year

EcoBlitz Outreach  Supporters

We thank the North American Association for Environmental Education, California Environmental Literacy Initiative, California Geographic Alliance, and the California Global Education Project for their support with outreach and advertisement. 


2022 and 2023

2019 and 2022

2019 and 2022

EcoBlitz International Partners

Participating International Partners


National Geographic Explorer Community Hub: Philippines, and participating teachers in Olongapo, Philippines. 

Online Course Partners

Participating organizations. 

2023 & 2024

Cal Poly Humboldt College of Extended Education & Global Engagement 


Teachers College of San Joaquin Professional Learning Center